arrangeCARE works with individuals and families, in the Austin, Texas, area, who are facing care challenges including older adults, people with disabilities, and those with long term chronic care needs.

Our Services

arrangeCARE partners with individuals, families, and professionals to maximize choices in care of people with disabilities or older adults. The expertise we bring to the work is client centered. Services are paid privately or may be covered by long-term care insurance. They are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

When you have to make care choices and aren’t sure what the best options are, you can always count on arrangeCARE. Our client explains how we helped in the care of her father and the benefits that come from working with arrangeCARE.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our comprehensive assessment includes a review of physical/mental limitations, strengths, social interests, outside contacts, sensory loss, medical history and status, nutritional status, safe environment, legal/financial planning, health insurance quality, and cost control.

  • Services are confidential, respecting your privacy and independence.
  • Develop of a customized care plan for the family to follow, or we can manage everything for you.

Facilitate Family Meetings

Family stress can lead to difficulty in communication or a question of which plan is the best for your loved one. arrangeCARE specializes in communicating with families, including facilitating family meetings from the client’s home or another comfortable space to help families successfully problem-solve.

Care Planning

A plan of care is an outline of the client’s needs and how to assist them in the best way possible. We identify issues before they become problems and resolve them. We can offer unbiased suggestions for additional services, balancing client wishes with their needs. The goal is as much independence as possible and an environment where they are comfortable.

Coordinate and Manage Resources

arrangeCARE professionals know the resources in the community. With decades of local experience we can look at your loved one’s situation and know the best fit for resources and services. What may work for one person will not work for another and we specialize in that determination. We communicate with the family to make the decisions for the best resources.

  • We work within the financial capacity available for care.
  • We cut through the red tape, with our knowledge of legal and financial problems, insurance coverage, and other healthcare benefits.
  • When warranted, we will make referrals to community professionals, who can provide the assistance needed in specific areas of concern.

Residential Housing Placement

We can coordinate an in or out-of-state move to or from home, assisted living complex, or a nursing home, including assistance with applications, transferring medical records, arranging for packing/moving belongings, and having the room ready upon arrival. Our goal is independent home living but we also know all of the local living options and can share information and experience to help make the best housing decision.

Implementation, Monitoring, and Adjustment

We are detail-oriented. In all of our work with your aging loved one, we are watching and listening for any changes, concerns, or needs they may have. It’s not just verbalized requests, it’s our keen eye. We watch for slight changes in behavior, moods, and interactions, because we want to catch these concerns early. We communicate with the family, when we first observe a concern, so that care adjustments and decisions can be made quickly to assure the highest quality of care and happiness for your loved one.

Crisis Intervention

The biggest benefit that comes from working with arrangeCARE is that crisis situations are reduced almost immediately. We are available during times of crisis to help the client and the family. It is our experience that having a partnership with our staff will create a stable situation for your loved one, which will mean that there will be less emergency calls, less worry for you, especially if you live at a distance, and less need for us after hours. We do our best to respond to client emergencies and we work with you to determine what factors may lead to a crisis situation so that we can handle that prior to an actual emergency.

Who We Serve

Individuals recently discharged from hospitals or unable to access the system


Isolated elders and persons with disabilities


Family caregivers, both local and long-distance


Families in dispute about care decisions