Austin, Texas, COVID-19 Caregiver Information

Information regarding resources for COVID-19 in the Austin, Texas, area

Email: Phone: (512) 814-3228

During this unprecedented time, we are working remotely to serve our existing and new clients. Our efforts are focused on solo agers, long-distance caregivers, people transferring from one level of care to another, persons with disabilities, family guardians, and professional fiduciaries. If you know someone who needs a professional care manager to assist with any of the above needs, please contact us or share our information.

We are providing these documents as samples for your use during this time. We make no legal representations and offer these as a sample.

Advance Directive
Medical Power of Attorney
HIPAA Medical Information Release
Declaration of Appointment of Guardian for Child

Click Here to Download Our Document About How to Communicate with Loved Ones in Long Term Care Facilities During COVID-19

What We’ve Been Doing During This Time

  • One of our guardians made arrangements for a person to die with dignity and made arrangements for their funeral.
  • Made sure that prescriptions are properly being administered. As our nurse says, “We are fussy about medications.”
  • Reviewed our clients’ long term care insurance policies and made sure that their public benefits paperwork is up-to-date.
  • Provided PPE equipment to all arrangeCARE staff, clients, paid private non-agency providers, and family and friends who are caregivers.
  • Shared PPE equipment with other clinical private practice social workers.
  • Set up video equipment for clients to visit with their friends and family members. This included making arrangements for telehealth appointments with their medical and mental healthcare providers.
  • Worked with family members to find out how their family member is doing while sheltering in place in residential facilities.
  • Reassured several family guardians that they were doing their best and provided guidance and support to them.
  • Grieved with adult children losing parents and older adults losing siblings while they were not able to be there with them.
  • Developed hospital discharge plans with several individuals.
  • One of our clients lost a child and we provided support via phone.
  • Set up delivery services for groceries and prescriptions for several clients.
  • Kept clients at home, with caregivers, by working closely with Austin area agencies.
  • Last year, we purchased a pre-need funeral. This year we used it.
  • Worked remotely through Zoom with attorneys, trust officers, and families.
  • Checked on solo agers and clients whose spouses are living apart from them, in a facility.
  • Made arrangements to set up a special needs trust for a client’s disabled child in another state.
  • Made sure every client’s medical and financial power of attorney documents were up to date. Also verified that their beneficiary designations were up-to-date.
  • Provided information and referral to people requesting resources.
  • Developed innovative methods, with families, to preserve autonomy in clients and caregivers with cognitive decline.

Mask Information and Updates

The concern over mask shortages are at the forefront of everyone’s mind as they are an essential tool in our current daily lives. In order to be effective, masks must be FDA approved and be at least a N95 grade. Due to the high demand, many manufacturers in China have gotten FDA approval to manufacture masks, identified as KN95 masks. While they’re not hospital grade, they are superior to surgical masks or cloth masks and are ideal for use for anyone outside of the hospital setting.

Here is a link to a comparison chart from 3M on the difference between N95 and KN95 masks, and here is a link to the FDA website showing the approved KN95 mask from the specific manufacturer. Below are images of the KN95 mask packaging. Information on the manufacturer is on the bottom of the packaging. The product name/code (2626-1) should be shown. The code of regulation for the Chinese equivalent of the FDA is GB2626-2006 and here is a link to learn more about this.

Below is an image of the KN95 mask holding water, showing there is a waterproof layer (a sign of a quality mask) to protect the wearer and those on the other side of the mask from biological fluids. After testing the masks, the mask was soaked on the inside but the outside of the mask was completely dry.

Testing KN95 Masks_Holding Water

The FDA has released updated guidance earlier this month saying it’s not a problem for the duration of the pandemic to use non-FDA or NOISH approved masks when there is no alternative. Click here to learn more.

Community Resources

During a crisis like this, information can help bring you peace of mind, but it can be difficult to find reliable sources. Community Not Commodity has curated over 75 links and resources that can help you, your family, and your community in the Austin, Texas area during these trying times and they update the list regularly.

Topics include:

– Healthcare
– Grocery Deliveries and Curbside Services
– Housing and Utilities
– Public Education and Childcare
– Jobs and Income Assistance
– Where to Donate
– Little Things You Can Do to Support Our Front-line Health Workers
– How to Stay Informed

For more information please visit the Community Not Commodity website or click here.

If you need help with a family guardianship or the care of an aging parent or grandparent, please reach out to us:

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