Elder Care

& Special Needs Case Management

Austin, Texas Metro Area

How arrangeCARE Can Help


If you are a guardian or need a guardian, we can help you work through the maze of requirements and decisions.



Whether you live in Austin or at a distance, you want regular communication regarding the well-being of your loved one and to know when their needs are changing. You can rely on us to keep everyone involved in the ongoing care needs.

Care Management Through the Life Span

Care Management through the life span helps caregivers of aging parents, grandparents, or disabled persons make care decisions, attend physician appointments, visit them at home, and make sure they are receiving the highest level of home care and other community services.

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Benefits of Working With arrangeCARE

Meet Their Needs

You don’t have to worry about your loved one’s care or what elder care or disability options are available. You get to focus on loving your aging family member and count on arrangeCARE to help you meet their care needs.

Save Time & Money

Yes, you can do this yourself! But why spend your time and money reinventing the wheel? We know the resources, we know the solutions. Use our expertise to your advantage. You may be overpaying for the services you have engaged or you may be paying a higher price than you need to. Let us help you figure out how to save time and money.

Meet Your Needs

You are running this way and that way. You are overwhelmed and wondering how you can get everything done. You may be raising your own children, pursuing a career, or any of life’s other options. The care of an aging or disabled loved one can be managed by arrangeCARE to help reduce your stress!

Caregiving With You In Mind

You need caregiving partners that will think about what is best for your aging loved one and for you. Self-care is a very important piece of caregiving and the experts at arrangeCARE know how to get you assistance so that you can take care of yourself. Your loved one needs you to be in the best of health and mental acuity. Let us help you accomplish this load lightening!

What our clients say…

Sam & Kyra: Family Members

“We continue to like you being there for us. You’ve done a super job.”

Lilian: Daughter

“My parents are very private people but have truly enjoyed having arrangeCARE around. They looked forward to seeing them as they gave my parents the peace of mind to be able to relax, and begin to get back to their normal lifestyle.”

Doris: Daughter

“[arrangeCARE] uses an extensive interview process. They met with my parents and with me to understand their personality, lifestyle, and needs to find resources that would be a good fit for us, for help with chores, errands, and personal care. This customized approach, coupled with their responsiveness and accessibility, makes all of our lives easier.”

Kelly U.: Family Member

“We had a sick family member who needed to apply for Medicaid right away — but we live 700 miles from Austin. An attorney recommended that we contact arrangeCARE to help us with this process. Our care manager worked with our family member and helped us retrieve financial documents for the application. Further, her problem-solving skills were extremely valuable and greatly appreciated.”

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