Private Care Management

  • Supports & Services Consultation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Help with Community Resources
  • Help With Care Coordination
  • Braiding available family, public, and private resources
  • Residential Referrals
  • Flexible, Highly Individualized Services
  • Collaboration with Medical, Legal, Financial Professionals, and more
  • Optimize choices

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Who We Serve

Families: siblings, spouses, children, and long distance care-givers

professionals: attorneys, trust offices, and responsible others

Individuals: making lifestyle transitions or seeking support and services

arrangeCARE Care Managers assist individuals and families with many challenges

Housing- helping families evaluate and select the appropriate residential option and the transition to a different level of care.

Home Care Services- identifying the appropriate home care, arranging and monitoring those services.

Medical Management- attend health care appointments, facilitating communication between provider, client and family and monitoring adherence to medical orders and instructions.

Communication- keeping family members and professionals informed as to the well-being and changing needs of the client.

Social Activities- providing the opportunity for engaging in social, recreational, or cultural activities that enrich life.

Legal - referring to or consulting with legal specialists, providing opinions for courts in determining the level of care ,alternatives to guardianship and supportive decision making agreements.

Financial- conferring with trust officers, accountants and/or Power of Attorneys for Finances.

Entitlements- providing information on Federal , State and local programs and assisting with the applications as needed.

Safety and Security- monitoring home care, recommending technologies to add to security or safety, observing changes or potential risks of exploitation or abuse and protecting the vulnerable person.

Resources - local, cost-effective resources are identified and engaged as needed.

Additional Benefits

Help you meet the needs of the person you love by sharing the responsibility with family and professionals

Help you manage the physical,emotional and financial challenges of caring for a loved one.              ;    

Caregiving with You in mind.

Make productive decisions with family members


"I cannot recommend highly enough the services of Leah Cohen and her business, arrangeCARE. Through her, I was able to ensure that my father's last years were marked with the highest quality care."

-Mary B. Ford

"My parents are very private people but have truly enjoyed having arrangeCARE around. They looked forward to seeing them as they gave my parents the peace of mind to be able
to relax, and begin to get back to their normal lifestyle."


"Thanks so much to you and your colleagues for your help with my Dad for the past year and a half. We were so blessed to have Leah. She was the care manager for my father and a gift to my
peace of mind. I truly appreciate everything."


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