When you have an aging family member, you are more likely to encounter brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, an extension of dementia. According to John Hopkins Medicine, Alzheimer’s is becoming more common as our average life expectancy grows. This can be an overwhelming and debilitating disease, and we want to share information on what the different stages of Alzheimer’s might look like in your family.

There are four known stages of this disease. In the first stage, also called the Preclinical Stage, the brain will begin to change without showcasing actual changes in behavior. Then, we get to the mild, early stages. This is where you start to see a difference in behavior. Your loved one might soon forget names, anniversaries, or any plans that they may have made. Your loved one might notice these changes and become confused about their lapse in memory.

As the disease progresses, your aging loved ones will begin to experience more severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s. During the moderate, middle stage your loved ones might not recognize people they know, they might be agitated at their changing mental state, and they may need help completing self-care tasks around the home.

The last stage, or the severe late stage, takes your loved ones’ ability to function by themselves away. People in this stage will experience severe loss of speech and memory, as well as a weakened immune system. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, and the only thing we can do for your loved ones is make them as comfortable as possible.

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