Professional Collaboration

Care for aging members of our community requires professional collaboration. It is not possible for one professional to manage all of the care needs for their clients. We enjoy working with community professionals, such as attorneys, physicians, guardians, financial advisors, and more. arrangeCARE is available at 512-814-3228 to consult regarding the care needs of your clients.

Our specialization in the legal aspects involved in the care of an aging loved one, a person with disabilities, or someone in need of guardianship, mean that attorneys in the Austin area involve us in cases needing managed care assistance. We know the system and how to work with everyone involved to best meet the needs of the person requiring care, as well as their family members.

Who We Work With

We work with medical, legal, financial, and other professionals. If you are working with an elderly client, then we are a match for your care management needs.

Strength Through Collaboration

The care that our clients receive is strengthened by reviewing and using family, public, and private resources. Partnering with arrangeCARE means that our shared clients are getting the highest quality care and the choices are optimized to meet their specific needs.

Support & Services Consultation

arrangeCARE offers a wide range of services. To understand what is available, we start with a services consultation. This determines the type of help the client needs as well as how we would fit into the care team.

Flexible, Highly Individualized Services

No two clients are the same. This means that services offered to elders and their families need to meet specific needs. arrangeCARE specializes in flexible and highly individualized services decisions. We love making sure that our clients have the highest quality care that comforts them.

Crisis Intervention

When you need a partner who can step in and immediately assist in a crisis situation, you can count on arrangeCARE. We have decades of experience managing client crisis needs. We know the resources, we know the care requirements, we collaborate with you, and help solve the problem.

Residential Referrals

If your client needs to move into an alternative living environment, we are experts at assisting with that process. We know all of the local options and we can help you figure out the best option for your client, based on their specific needs. We also assist with the care management needs during the moving process with the goal of making the move as comfortable as possible for the client.

Assist with Community Resources

Aging clients have access to many community resources. arrangeCARE makes it a point to know the resources available and who offers the best services in each area of need for the elderly. When you need to know who offers the best option for your client, reach out to us and we’ll help you.

Care Coordination

We are a piece of the puzzle in the care of aging persons in our community. Our comprehensive care coordination services have been utilized by hundreds of families. When we collaborate as the care management team in the mix, our shared clients are the beneficiaries. We work with you, we communicate, and we keep the client’s best interests forefront in all of our work.

arrangeCARE serves the needs of elders, persons with disabilities, and their families in the Austin, Texas, metro area.