Our Experience

We bring our experience to your unique situation. Each family that we work with has their own story and their own needs. Using your input, along with our knowledge, you will be assured that the best care options are being discussed and implemented.

Navigating the care of an aging family member is stressful. Family members want to make the best decisions for the care of their loved ones. The best way to reduce this stress is to work with the care management team who has the most experience. Our care managers have been helping families, in the Austin, Texas, area since 1989.

arrangeCARE was one of the first companies to offer this service to families in Austin. Our founder Leah became the first licensed guardian in the State of Texas.

Ramona Brush is a National Master Guardian. This is the highest credential in the guardianship profession. Ramona brings over 20 years of experience as a professional guardian serving in leadership positions, and over 30 years of passion and experience in coordinating services and advocating for the optimal quality of life and wellness for vulnerable elders, persons with developmental delays, and persons experiencing mental/behavioral health issues. In addition to serving as a court-appointed guardian, Ramona has brought an in-depth knowledge and diligence in considering and locating community supports and services as less restrictive alternatives to guardianship. 

Ramona served in a leadership role in Family Eldercare’s Guardianship Program for 19 years, and was elected for two terms as a member of the Board of Directors of the Texas Guardianship Association. She brings a person-centered focus to her work with arrangeCARE clients.

With all of this experience, you will not go wrong selecting arrangeCARE as your partner in making care decisions for your loved one.

arrangeCARE serves the needs of elders and their families in the entire Austin, Texas area.