In the face of the ongoing pandemic, and the uncertainty that it provides, mental health and self-care is as important as it has ever been. According to the CDC, the most common conditions include anxiety, severe cognitive impairment, and mood disorders (such as depression or bipolar disorder.) These disorders can be seen in 20% of people over the age of 55 – but this was pre-pandemic. (link

During the early months of the pandemic, JAMA conducted a study on multiple communities around the country and found that older Americans weren’t experiencing the mental health effects that other age groups were enduring. (link) This could indicate a number of things: the time that the study was conducted was early in the pandemic, communities came together so that we could all make it through and that included checking in on the elderly, or it could mean that there is still stigma surrounding mental health for people from older generations.

The pandemic has lasted longer than any of us thought it would, and the mental health toll it has taken has yet to be fully seen. arrangeCARE is aware of the difficulties that all of us have experienced through these times, and know that we can all get through this together. We are happy to help and provide support for those seeking mental health guidance.

We are detail-oriented. In all of our work with your aging loved one, we are watching and listening for any changes, concerns, or needs they may have. It’s not just verbalized requests, it’s our keen eye. We watch for slight changes in behavior, moods, and interactions because we want to catch these concerns early. We communicate with the family, when we first observe a concern so that care adjustments and decisions can be made quickly to assure the highest quality of care and happiness for your loved one. 

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