When you begin your guardianship for an aging person or loved one, you may begin to look internally for what you would need if you were ever in need of care. There are key things that all guardians and those in care of the elderly should remember so that they can continue to provide a well-rounded, quality environment. Fostering and maintaining a relationship between your loved one and your caregiver begins with these key points to remember. 

According to Heart ‘n Home Hospice, remembering that the elderly you are caring for still deserve dignity is a huge aspect of guardianship. You might have to take on the role and responsibility of washing for, dealing with incontinence, and other potentially embarrassing issues. We all need to remember that they are still people deserving of compassion and privacy. We are privy to a lot of intimate details and situations so being aware of a fine boundary is important. Getting involved within your patient’s personal life can be tricky, so try to avoid this as much as possible. 

Another point to remember would be being mindful of both their physical and mental health. Creating a healthy environment with active, safe exercise will help elongate the lifespan of the ones you are caring for. Mental health is also important for those you are caring for. Social isolation can be hard on the elderly, and as we enter into a new phase of the pandemic, the isolation can feel heavier than ever. 

Report any and all instances of neglect. An unfortunate reality of elderly care is that some people are abused and taken advantage of. We must do everything we can to make sure that every single person in our care – and community, receives compassion and respect at every moment. 

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