There are many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle with your aging loved ones. We are already experiencing changes in our mental, physical, and psychological states, so prioritizing a healthy lifestyle in order to alleviate pain and stress later in life is a huge must. According to Liz Weston’s recent article in AP News, it is possible to prevent, control, or modify a lot of ailments – with simple steps that can start today. 

First, engaging in physical activity should be a priority for all of us, especially as we age. Senior citizens should exercise 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes, according to the UDS Foundation. This doesn’t mean that you should exert yourself more than necessary, these activities can be simply walking through the park or a few minutes of chair yoga a day. The benefits of working out regularly can be seen in added mobility, reduction in chronic pain, a boost in sleep quality, and much more.

We also recommend that you pay attention to your diet. Healthy eating can also provide help in monitoring your pain. There are simple steps to watch your nutrition. You will need to read nutrition labels and pay attention to serving sizes. We also recommend that you take mineral and vitamin supplements. The UDS Foundation recommends that you take iron and vitamin D, and other probiotics that will enhance your immunity and reduce constipation. In order to ensure that eating habits are followed, plan to eat together for long-term results. 

arrangeCARE wants all of us to live a healthy and pain-free life! Starting with these steps is just one way to help your aging senior and loved one. We have over 20 years of experience, we are confident that we can work together to find the best care available for you and your family. Call us today at 512-814-3228 or email us at to connect with us to discuss the next steps.