As we keep an eye on the Omricon variant and recent surge, we are all looking for ways to safely determine if we are sick. While there are many ways to test for COVID, at-home tests have been on the rise since they have been shipped out to households by USPS and became available to buy off the shelves at local retailers.  

Many people have questions about the accuracy of these tests, especially compared to other tests being used at the time like the polymerase chain reaction tests, or PCR tests. According to NBC News, PCR tests detect tiny snippets of the virus’s genetic material, while the rapid tests detect molecules that are found on the surface of the virus. Because the rapid test results come in 15 minutes, they are more likely to provide a false negative. These tests are best used when you are showing symptoms already or when a person poses the biggest risk to others. 

To order your own at-home tests free of charge, you can visit the USPS site here to order 4 rapids tests here. The Biden Administration is also working on passing legislation that will allow people to be reimbursed by their insurance when they buy off-the-shelf at-home rapid tests. Austin is also working closely with their communities to provide easily accessible vaccinations areas and testing centers. The Austin, Texas website has many resources that you can use to ensure the safety of your family and yourself. 

We are all trying to stay safe during this unprecedented time. Managing your health is just one of the many steps that we need to take as citizens. arrangeCARE hopes that these resources, as well as what we have on our website, are able to provide you and your family the answers you need. Connect with us by emailing us at if you have any further questions, or you can call us at 512-814-3228 to speak to a member of our amazing staff. arrangeCARE is proud of our experience in the Austin community and we are positive that we will provide the help, answers, and support you require.