Medicare Scams

One of the most common scams surrounding Medicare is an identity theft scam. A phone call to an elderly person will tell them that new cards are being sent out for Medicare and they just need the elder’s Medicare number and name to make sure they get their new...

Identity Theft

Identity theft scams are a dime a dozen. The scariest part of identity theft is that it can take some time after the crime has begun to find out that you are a victim. Older persons are ideal targets for identity thieves because they are vulnerable. The scams can be...

Internet Phishing

Internet phishing (pronounced fishing) is when someone sends an e-mail to a victim acting as if they are the victim’s bank, credit card company, Paypal, or other financial institution. The e-mail will tell the recipient that their account has been compromised in some way and the victim needs to click on a link to verify they own the account, or they need to click a link and validate their username and password or they may even request the victim’s personal information such as date of birth and social security number.

Investment & Securities Scams

Securities fraud covers a lot of topics. They include Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes as well as Late Day Trading, Advanced Fee Schemes and many other ways to take money from victims. This is very familiar due to the name Bernie Madoff. Bernie worked with high profile clients but con artists committing securities fraud can come from anyone. The red flag should fly when an investment person promises a high rate of return coupled with little to no risk.