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What Does arrangeCARE do for Families in Austin, Texas?

Often a client’s crisis is the factor that brings a Care Manager into their lives. Addressing the issues that affect the client’s safety and wellbeing are the top priority. Part of Care Management advocacy includes the willingness to work through the barriers that often occur in obtaining governmental or insurance benefits. A Care Manager knows how to navigate the complicated bureaucracies on behalf of the client. 

Substance Use Disorders and Older Adults: A Hidden Epidemic?

Research shows that approximately 17% of American adults age 60 and over misuse alcohol and prescription drugs, but substance use disorders in this population are often undiagnosed and untreated. Symptoms of substance abuse may go unrecognized because they mimic the symptoms of other medical and behavioral disorders, such as diabetes, depression, and dementia. In addition, older adults who are no longer employed, are perhaps socially isolated, and drive less (or not at all), can more easily conceal the signs and symptoms of alcohol or drug dependence, such as cravings, blackouts, physical signs of withdrawal, and neglecting responsibilities.