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Healthier Lifestyles for Seniors

There are many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle with your aging loved ones. We are already experiencing changes in our mental, physical, and psychological states, so prioritizing a healthy...

FAQ: Rapid At-Home Tests

As we keep an eye on the Omricon variant and recent surge, we are all looking for ways to safely determine if we are sick. While there are many ways to test for COVID, at-home tests have been on the...

Powers of Attorney as a least restrictive alternative to Guardianship

Many factors help you determine the best course of action when you’re planning care based on age- based decline. Guardianship removes rights from incapacitated seniors aggressively, but it may be the term you're most familiar with. If you’re uncovering challenges in planning and family care, this is not your only route. As a caregiver, there are less restrictive options available to you in lieu of guardianship. In this blog from Grable Martin, we find some options to explore with you. As they note, “Texas courts have shown a reluctance to establish guardianships without sufficient evidence that less restrictive alternatives are inadequate to protect and provide for the needs of the incapacitated person”.

Long Distance Care Giving for the Holidays

With the COVID-19 virus raging across the United States and the holiday season in full-swing, many long-distance caregivers are having to make difficult decisions about family traditions and gatherings. We've included CDC recommendations for going to and hosting a party, as well as ideas on how to keep the holiday spirit alive long-distance. For help navigating these difficult situations in the Austin, Texas area contact arrangeCARE today.

The Caregiver’s Experience

Today, more than one in five Americans are caregivers, having provided care to an adult or child with special needs at some point in the past 12 months. There are varying levels of difficulty with each caregiver's role, and with the growing population of caregivers this means more individuals need support dealing with physical, emotional, or financial stress. If this sounds like your situation, arrangeCARE is here to support you.