arrangeCARE knows this is an unprecedented and tough time. We hope that all of you are doing okay!

Information about benefits found on the internet can be wishful thinking, not always accurate, and continually changing. One issue that is relevant to our clients, at this time, is how an immediate move for health reasons may affect them. COVID-19 is dictating how friends, family, and professionals create on-the-fly new housing arrangements for their loved ones with little time to prepare to shelter in place. Facility lockdowns can complicate this process. Our clients, staff, professionals, and family members have come together as a team to provide creative solutions. Each person adds their perspective to a plan that allows the client to make informed decisions to keep them safely independent. Some of the families of older adults, or persons with disabilities, have used this unexpected opportunity to create intergenerational households. Our work as care managers allows us to support this new family dynamic. It has been gratifying to watch how each family creates a new household.

It is crucial to keep in mind how these sudden moves may affect our clients’ benefits. Living in another home may affect a person’s health insurance coverage, even if a change of address is for a short time. This is particularly important if they are in a Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider plan rather than a traditional Medicare plan. People that rely on Medicaid to pay for their medical and personal care are especially at risk. Benefits are a significant concern if they move out of their regional areas, such as moving to other counties or states. Often states have different programs and eligibility requirements. It has been our experience that recipients need to reapply to be eligible. The client, supporter, or decisionmaker must accept the responsibility of understanding the person’s benefits. Be aware of the Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance providers’ plan benefits. arrangeCARE advises our clients to check with their insurers at least annually, or when there is a transfer to a different insurer. In this time of living with the COVID-19 pandemic, knowledge of the plans’ benefits is critical. Familiarize yourself with the plan now, so that you are prepared to get the most from your insurance. We are standing by to help you cut through the red tape.

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