Understanding the Basics of Guardianship

Guardians are expected to act in the best interests of the incapacitated person. While guardianship removes certain rights and privileges from the ward, the intent is to preserve as much of the person’s independence and decision-making as possible. In Texas, the two types of guardianship are Guardian of the Person, whose responsibility is to take care of the ward’s physical well-being, and Guardian of Estate, who is appointed to manage a ward’s assets. Both types of guardians may be appointed by the court and can be the same individual or entity.

Caregiving and Resilience: How Care Managers Set a Positive Tone

Care managers, who have often “walked the walk” of caregiving themselves, are familiar with the struggles families face. They know that caregiving has its rewards but also, can take a serious emotional and physical toll. Without frequent respite from relentless pressures and responsibilities, caregivers can wind up suffering from depression, anxiety, and physical illnesses. Care managers can set a positive tone by helping caregivers understand what to expect with their loved one, focus on the positives, and learn to accept a new reality.

Care Options for LGBTQ Clients

June was Pride Month, which brings awareness of the impact and the contributions that LGBTQ people have made throughout history. While it has been 47 years since the first Gay Pride marches took place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City, the fight for equality and for communities and workplaces, free from discrimination, continues. Care options for LGBTQ older people are no exception.


Elder abuse, such as imprisonment in their own home, is more prevalent than abuse in living facilities. This form of fraud can consist of physical, financial, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as neglect and abandonment. Often home imprisonment and the subsequent...

In-Home Care Provider Abuses

AARP states that nearly 10 million adults age 65 and older receive care at home or in a residential care setting. Home care aides work with clients to provide care services in their home and while most of these aides are amazing, some are not. There are many stories...

Threats of Harm

An elder may be threatened that if they don’t go along with something harm will come to them. They may be threatened that something will be done to someone else they love. For those with dementia they may not remember the previous threats and may regularly give...